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General - Civil/Criminal

Deputy Clerks in the General Division are responsible for reviewing an array of documents submitted for Civil matters in the External linkFranklin County Common Pleas Court. Beginning in 2011, electronic filing was mandated for all Civil filings. A few examples of matters presented to the Clerk’s office are: Certificate of Judgment Lien and Release and Satisfaction of Judgments; Writ of Execution; qualifying compensable monetary damages; and Civil Stalking Protection Orders. Civil documents are searchable through the Clerk’s External linkCase Information Online (CIO).


The General Division also oversees felony Criminal cases. Those cases also are electronically filed in this County. Only the External linkFranklin County Prosecuting Attorney or the External linkOhio Attorney General brings felony cases to the Common Pleas Court. Some cases that originated in the External linkMunicipal Court may be bound-over to this higher court upon the Municipal Court judge’s consideration. Most information in criminal cases are searchable through CIO. Indictments are made available through the Clerk’s Records Division.

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Civil FAQs

I just found out I have a tax lien filed with the Clerk’s office; what do I do?

Visit the Lien Satisfaction Information & Instructions GuideOpens in new window for more information.

Why do I have to pay the Franklin County Clerk of Courts for a State of Ohio Tax lien?

The External linkState of Ohio uses the offices of the 88 county clerks to record, file and maintain tax liens. Costs are incurred with filing, paperwork, computerization, etc. These fees are set by the External linkOhio Revised Code.

How do I file a Satisfaction of Judgment Lien?

View Opens in new windowinstructions for filing a Satisfaction of Judgment Lien.

What forms of payment are accepted by your office?

Personal checks, cash or any major credit card may be used to pay filing fees on any civil action, including tax liens. Payment for criminal actions, however, must be submitted in cash, by certified check or money order made payable to “Franklin County Clerk of Courts”.

Criminal FAQs

How do I find out at what institution an inmate is being held?

Check theExternal link Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) website. The site lists the inmate by name, the county in which the inmate was sentenced, the charge and, in most cases, a picture of the inmate will be shown. You can also contact ODRC at 614.752.1076 for information.

How do I find out if someone is currently in jail, or has any detainers?

Call the Franklin County Correctional Institute’s prisoner information line at 614.525.3340 to obtain this information.

Can I come to the Clerk’s office and pick up my bond money as soon as my case is over?

We must wait until we have the final approval from the court before bond money is refunded. Bond money is refunded by mail approximately seven-to-ten business days after processing the necessary documents. At the request of the person under whose name the bond is registered, we can put the money on hold for pick up. Government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.) is required for this transaction.

How do I apply to have my record expunged?

Anyone applying to have his/her record sealed pro se (without legal assistance) should become familiar with the External linkOhio Revised Code statute (§2953.32) that pertains to the sealing of records. Read the eligibility guidelines ( External linkORC §2953.36) and the first offender qualifications External link(ORC §2953.31) carefully. The basics are covered in External linkEligibility for Sealing Records guide, but you must make certain to read the O.R.C. statutes carefully. You can find the applications for Sealing of Records on the Criminal Opens in new windowForms and Fees section. If you are applying for Sealing Case with Conviction, there is a $50 fee. For reentry participants, visit External linkOhio Legal Resources to be connected to resources including expungement templates, information, and forms, as well as links to additional resources.

Where do I pay my bond, probation, other fines and court costs?

Payments are accepted at the Clerk of Courts’ General Division located at: Franklin County Clerk of Courts
345 S High St., 1st Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks are the only accepted forms of payment. These payments may also be mailed to the above address; include the case number with any mailed payments.

Forms and Fees

All forms are in PDF format and require either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader to view. You can download the latest version of this software free from Adobe's website.


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