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The "Contact Us" feature on this website is a communications tool for your convenience. It is commonly referred to as "Franklin County Clerk of Courts Feedback." Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

The "Contact Us" feature IS NOT an authorized method for filing court case documents. Nor are standard e-mail messages with attachments or facsimile transmissions authorized means for filing court case documents.

If you intend to file case documents with the court, you must do so by following the instructions and other information provided on the Franklin County Clerk of Courts E-Filing site. Simply click on the "E-Filing" link in the blue banner above.

As an alternative you may present your documents to be filed in person at the appropriate division office of the Franklin County Clerk of Courts. You will be provided with personal assistance in applying for an e-filing account and/or processing the documents you intend to file. Please be aware that a pre-paid deposit as security for court costs, sometimes called a filing fee, is required in connection with many types of filings.