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Title Classifications and Fees

Original Title:

Title issued to a new owner for the very first time and most commonly issued upon transfer of ownership.

Salvage Title

A salvage title is issued when a vehicle is wrecked and/or rendered a total loss in an insurance claim. Law enforcement also brands vehicles as salvage when taking title to abandoned vehicles. Salvage vehicles are not road worthy and cannot be driven on public roadways until they are properly inspected by the External linkOhio State Highway Patrol.

Replacement/Salvage Replacement Title

A replacement title is issued when the current title needs to be updated, or if the title is defaced or destroyed. No transfer of ownership occurs.

Duplicate/Salvage Duplicate Title:

A duplicate title is issued when the current title has been lost, stolen or destroyed. No transfer of ownership occurs.

Rebuilt Salvage Title

A rebuilt salvage title is issued once a salvage vehicle has been inspected by the Ohio State Highway Patrol office and the inspection report is surrendered to the Clerk of Courts office. Once a salvage title has been converted to a rebuilt salvage title, license plates can be purchased and the vehicle can be driven on a public roadway.

Clerk of Courts Schedule of Fees

The title and miscellaneous fees assessed by this office are prescribed by the statutes and provisions set forth by the External linkOhio Revised Code.

Type of Fees Fee
Original Title $15.00
Replacement Titles $15.00
Duplicate Titles $15.00
Lien Notations (with or without memo) $15.00
Repossession Titles $15.00
Leasing Dealer $15.00
Dealer Resale w/Lien or Lien Notation $15.00
Daily Rental, Company and Vendor $15.00
Salvage with Lien (with or without memo) $15.00
Memorandum Only $5.00
Dealer Resale Titles $5.00
Late Fee $5.00
Archive Fee $5.00
Salvage Titles $4.00
Salvage Replacement $4.00
Inspection Fee $1.50
Affidavit Fee $1.00

Opens in new windowTitle Fees and Classifications (PDF)

Required Documentation

A resident of Ohio or a business operating at a specific location within the External linkState of Ohio may apply for an Ohio title for a motor vehicle imported into Ohio from Canada or other foreign country. Imported vehicles coming into Ohio from Canada and other foreign countries should include all of the following documents:

  1. Bill of sale.
  2. Canadian or foreign title or registration.
  3. External linkUnited States Customs Entry Form 7501, stamped and signed verifying that Opens in new windowEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) document 3520 and Opens in new windowU.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Form HS-7 have been viewed and approved.
  4. U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Form HS-7 stating that the vehicle meets all U.S. DOT safety standards, or, if box (3) is checked, an Original Bond Release Letter from US Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to verify that Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards have been, or will be, met. In addition, if any other box is checked, any additional requirements specified on the HS-7 Declaration form also must be met.
  5. Odometer Statement(s) signed by both the seller and buyer in accordance with federal and Ohio requirements.
  6. Out-of-State Inspection must be completed and signed by an Ohio Licensed Auto Dealer or an Ohio Deputy Registrar Agency.
  7. English translations of all documents written in a foreign language. The foreign documentation must be translated by an accredited institution and submitted on that institution’s letterhead.

Additional Resources

The following resources are provided to provide additional information specific to importing motor vehicles into the United States: