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General - Civil/Criminal

Deputy Clerks in the General Division are responsible for reviewing an array of documents submitted for Civil matters in the External linkFranklin County Common Pleas Court. Beginning in 2011, electronic filing was mandated for all Civil filings. A few examples of matters presented to the Clerk’s office are: Certificate of Judgment Lien and Release and Satisfaction of Judgments; Writ of Execution; qualifying compensable monetary damages; and Civil Stalking Protection Orders. Civil documents are searchable through the Clerk’s External linkCase Information Online (CIO).


The General Division also oversees felony Criminal cases. Those cases also are electronically filed in this County. Only the External linkFranklin County Prosecuting Attorney or the External linkOhio Attorney General brings felony cases to the Common Pleas Court. Some cases that originated in the External linkMunicipal Court may be bound-over to this higher court upon the Municipal Court judge’s consideration. Most information in criminal cases are searchable through CIO. Indictments are made available through the Clerk’s Records Division.

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